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Total Health Package



It’s the “total package”. New Life’s Total Health Package is everything you need for health, wellness, vitality, mental clarity and performance. 6 of our most powerful and effective formulas together in one system.

Bilancio – balance hormones effectively in both men and women.
Formula 1 – 26 herbs that help release toxins and increase healthy cell growth.
Detox Formula 2 – eliminate toxins, aches and pains and more.
New You – promotes cell renewal and increased longevity.
True Vitality – promotes mental energy, concentration and prevent disease.
Nature’s Blend – all-natural multivitamin – in a juice formula!

The Total Health Package provides the body with hundreds of minerals, amino acids, ancient herbs and antioxidants.  Everything you need in one Total Health Package!

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Weight 66 oz
Dimensions 10.00 × 10.00 × 13.00 in

3 reviews for Total Health Package

  1. Jason

    Love the product I see the change in my body thanks Mirna “ California life”

  2. Jacib

    I have used this product for 6 months and recover my health. they are definitely high quality products I recommend them for everything. my blood pressure and cholesterol are stable

  3. Lupita Pimentel

    Lupita Pimentel said:
    I was constipated, nervous, with headaches, I could no sleep.
    I start taking Formula 1, F2, Liquid Oxygen, And Bilancio.
    Since the first day I start taking the products, I start feeling the difference.
    I don’t be nervous, I don’t have headaches, I was improving everyday.
    Now I feel like new, thanks God.
    Thank you New Life USA!!!

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