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Transformation at the Cellular Level

New Life’s Liquid Oxygen is an innovative solution to numerous common ailments. When more oxygen is in the body, it diffuses into the blood stream and boosts circulation. The increased oxygen levels help with digestion and cell renewal. A boost of extra oxygen increases alertness and overall heightened awareness in the brain. 

What is Liquid Oxygen?

O2 allows nascent oxygen to be generated by the dissociation of some water molecules found in the body, thus forming nascent oxygen and hydrogen atoms. This newborn oxygen atom in biochemical terms becomes negatively charged (O-). Free radicals – which according to some scientists is the main cause for the aging process and degenerative diseases– are positively charged (O+). The nascent oxygen atom is attracted to the free radical forming pure oxygen molecules at the cellular level. 

What does this mean for me and my health?

Liquid Oxygen has numerous benefits including:

Protects: Traps dangerous free radicals, protecting you from the
effects of aging. 

Cleans: Deeply detoxifies the body, eliminating harmful toxins. 

Restores: Revitalizes weak cells.

Rejuvenates: Slows the aging process.

Repairs: Helps the auto repair system in the body. 

Nourishes: Provides valuable oxygen, hydrogen, 78 minerals, 34 enzymes, and 17 amino acids so the body can perform optimal metabolic processes.

Stay ahead of your health and order New Life’s Liquid Oxygen!



Liquid Oxygen is easily taken orally by mixing with your favorite fruit juice or by simply placing the recommended dose under your tongue followed with a glass of water, where it will be absorbed quickly.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.00 in

9 reviews for Liquid Oxygen

  1. Guadalupe Lozoya

    Este Producto es uno de mis Mas Favoritos lo tengo en mi bolsa todo el tiempo para toda Emergencia
    Cualquier Infecion la termina cualesquier erida la cierra y quita las Dolencias es super Maravilloso lea la Información se quedaron cortos en lo que realmente funciona

  2. Guadalupe Lozoya

    Liquid oxygen is the most wonderful thing in the world

  3. Angelica Gonzalez

    This product recovered my grandmother from many health problems and now she has her life without pain

  4. Maria Moreno De Barcelo

    Oxígeno Líquido!!!
    – Lo he bautizado con tantos nombres….
    – El pequeño GIGANTE, las gotitas milagrosas, etc. etc….La lista de nombres es interminable, para lo que este maravilloso PRODUCTO ha hecho para mi y tantas personas….Desde evitar derrames cerebrales, ataques al corazón, hasta componer heridas, asma y….La lista es incalculable de lo que este puede hacer….Por esto y mucho más….Bendiciones y muchas gracias a sus creadores!!!

  5. Socorro Carrera

    O2 me quito is p dolor de cabeza que tenia por mas de 10 años , mejoro mi vista ademas de que perdí mas de 45 libras gracias newlifeusa

  6. Nolan Ross Same-Weil

    Whoa, what a booster! … sometimes I feel off in the mid-day so I take a couple of drops of this product underneath my tongue and it just keeps my body AWAKE…it balances me out, and allows for spur of the moment energy. I also mix it in with some water and put it in a spritzer bottle and spray my face throughout the day for refresh. Great product!

  7. Bertha Garcia

    I love this product. I was given a bottle from a customer. I wasn’t too sure about it at first Once I started using it about 3 days later I felt the change Now I want it all the time. I tried buying all the ones off amazon for a cheaper price. None of them worked like this one, Ilove the sour taste.

  8. avalosjade19

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! It gives me the morning and mid day boost I so badly need when working long hours. Taking this product is much better than drowning my body with coffee and unhealthy energy drinks. 10/10 for this product! I highly recommend for those who have trouble finding energy throughout the day.

  9. jwalter5559

    Approximately two weeks into the product I noticed an improved sense of wellness and my breathing seemed more alive. At any rate, I love that the product is free of fillers and cheap ingredients found with so many so-called natural supplements. Give it a try! I think you’ll become a quick fan like myself.

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Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen
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