New Life Formula 1D


New Life Formula 1D

The Foundational Supplement for Optimal Health

Poor diet, improper food intake, sedentary lifestyle, and stress affect one’s health. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get carried away with life’s distractions without noticing that your well-being has taken a back seat. 

New Life Formula 1D is a nutritional supplement that helps to lower blood sugar levels and maintain the right A1C numbers. It’s formulated with a favorable blend of substances that help to regulate blood glucose levels, making it ideal for individuals having difficulty keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Take control of your health and reap the benefits of New Life’s unique core supplement with 44 carefully selected herbs formulated to enhance healthy cell growth, support the immune system and vitalize the body! Get the most out of Formula 1D with its significant benefits:

Curbs the adverse effects of excess carbohydrate intake

Stimulates immune defense and maintains cell integrity 

Promotes healthy heart

Boosts brain activity

Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Formula 1D is dynamically designed and carefully crafted to contain essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, B6, and Niacin. Additionally, it includes the superb mineral Chromium Picolinate and nutrients from a proprietary herbal blend of L-Carnitine, ALA 200, Bitter Melon, Lion’s Mane, Cinnamon Bark, Psyllium, Curcumin, Ginseng, Alfalfa, plus 32 other health-boosting herbs!

Consistent intake of Formula 1D optimizes the combined benefits of all these natural ingredients in your body, leaving you guilt-free and worry-free of harmful chemicals sneaking their way into your diet. 

Make Formula 1D an essential part of your routine and jumpstart your journey towards complete health and wellness! 



Take 2 tablets twice per day on an empty stomach if possible. Formula 1D can be taken with or without food.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 4.25 in


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New Life Formula 1D
New Life Formula 1D
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