Probiotic Platinum

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Probiotic Platinum

Probiotics are live bacteria that have been shown to help maintain the delicate balance of the good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract of our bodies. It cannot be underestimated how powerful a balanced intestinal tract is to our health. The proper balance of the bacteria, yeast and fungi in the gut is critical. When the intestinal microflora is out of balance due to stress, age, medication, poor diet or an intestinal ailment, we can develop a variety of diseases such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Diarrhea
  • Osteoporosis
  • Urinary tract Infection
  • Constipation
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Chronic kidney disease

New Life’s Probiotic Platinum provides the body with essential probiotics to strengthen the immune system and improve your body’s ability to handle stress and fight infection and disease. It will prepare you to manage stress on the body and will improve overall health and well-being.

You are better off healthy. Include New Life’s Probiotic Platinum in your daily regimen and watch just how healthy you can become. 


Take 1 capsule daily

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 3.75 in

19 reviews for Probiotic Platinum

  1. Joel W.

    I purchased this product for my wife. She was dealing with a UTI. Dr. Prescribed an antibiotic that did not agree with her which gave her soars in her throat so I made sure she took 2 of these a day until symptoms went away. The problem was cleared up within a couple days!

  2. Keyla

    Have no gallbladder so I have tons of stomach issues. Bought these and wow no stomach issues and I haven’t been sick once, even though everyone in my house had a cold. I’m also pregnant now and haven’t puked once. This is my second bottle. These have been a life saver!!!

  3. Joanne

    I have been taking Probiotics for quite a while and this product is an excellent product. It keeps my system
    running smoothly and with no upsets at all. Platinum is the best probiotic!

  4. James Bienbaum

    I’m required to take probiotics and I have tried a lot of them!!!! Your product is the BEST. Your product is as it states “one a day” is all you that is needed. Thank you for bringing out a genuinely GREAT proudly made in USA. Thank you for providing a product that is as it is advertised. I hope this product is around for years to come as I will buy no other. No other product can come close.

  5. Cerylin V Wall

    I did a lot of comparing of probiotics and went with this brand because they offer a high quality product, with just as many probiotic strains as the expensive brands. They are a small company and I’m happy to support them.

  6. Kathleen Jeffries

    So happy to have found this product after years of chronic constipation! Goodbye laxatives!! It’s this product from now on!

  7. Patty

    I have had digestive problems for years! I’ve gone to so many doctors – only giving me temporary relief. I finally did my own research and found this product. I couldn’t be happier – “oh what a relief it is”

  8. Jean Mae

    I Think this is one of the best probiotic so far. It really help with my bowel movements.

  9. Pastor Kane

    Very satisfied with this product. It’s been very helpful with our health regimen

  10. Pastor Kane

    It works for me, very effective as described. Good quality. I would definitely recommend it .

  11. Maria Moreno De Barcelo

    Probiotico Platinum!
    – Un extraordinario producto que me está ayudando muchísimo en el buen funcionamiento de mi digestión…Y muchísimo más!!!

  12. Yolanda L. Muniz

    Very effective, one a day is all I need! A great quality product!

  13. Angelissa Clark

    Great value for what you get and as a gastroenterologist I’m very particular about what strains I use and what probiotics I take. This is a a very effective product at a fair price.

  14. Denise Black

    Very easy to take. I hate taking too many pills so I like that I can take this only once a day and forget about it. The pill is small enough to swallow easily

  15. Jessica Brown

    I’m already losing weight…..I had a huge amount of bacteria built up in my gut. I have a major candida issue, my symptoms are fleeing and my gut loves this product.

  16. L Jenssen

    I’ve had a lot of issues with stomach pains, gas, no normal routine for “business” etc, but this product has really helped me a lot. The best effect ofcoure you get if you eat a good and healthy diet. Which I’m not at the moment, but it still keeps my gut in check. Will for sure continue with this amazing, natural supplement!

  17. Will H.

    Been using for a couple of weeks now. So far so good, gives me more energy and stamina, maybe from the natural cleansing and detox of the most stressful liver organ. Will see more in next couple weeks and maybe ordering for more.

  18. Ann Fisher

    I’ve had IBS with severe gas and constipation since my early twenties. Pain every day, sometimes so severe I had to lay on my stomach for a while to try to relieve some of the bloating. I didn’t even realize that people were supposed to have more than two bowel movements a week; it had been my norm for so long that it didn’t even occur to me. Back then probiotics weren’t a “thing”, so no one really knew what to do with IBS, and mine was BAD.

    Wasn’t as bad in my later thirties, but still hurt and still interfered with my life. Too many times I had to cut date nights, or any kind of outing short due to stomach pain and discomfort.

    Since I started taking these, my stomach actually, physically feels NORMAL. I haven’t felt “normal” in so long I’m still in shock. It took about three days to feel the full effects, but on the very first day I began feeling less bloating and pain. After taking them for about two weeks now, once a day, I feel so much better I could cry. Bowel movements are normal now, and are even around twice a day, rather than twice a week!

    I also struggle with depression and anxiety, and I’ve noticed that these have lessened too. Mood is lifted, and I have more energy. I’m hoping that some weight loss will follow.

    I wish I had known about probiotic platinum earlier. I seriously can’t believe the change I feel. I don’t write many reviews, but this was important enough to share.

  19. Joe Hohnbaum

    I have tried a lot of probiotics over the years. I once suffered from acid reflux or heartburn from every meal I had. It was getting miserable! I have been taking this for about a month and have seen a ridiculous improvement. The first couple weeks, it would only happen once or twice a week. Now it may happen once every two weeks or so. I am getting soooo much better and am so thankful for this product!

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Probiotic Platinum
Probiotic Platinum
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