New Life Formula 1

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New Life Formula 1

The Foundational Supplement for Optimal Health

In today’s world, our bodies cannot get all the essential minerals necessary for optimal health. We need extra support. New Life Formula 1 is the core supplement to provide what is missing from our diets. The high-quality minerals and 22 carefully selected herbs encourage healthy cell growth to improve hair, skin and nails and encourage the clearing of blemishes due to environmental and dietary toxins. Our expertly crafted combination of nutrients assists the body in releasing impurities while increasing energy and managing weight.  

Formula 1 contains Cascara Sagrada, Ginger, Papaya, Chickweed, Alfalfa, Burdock, Cayenne, Safflower, Hawthorne, Dandelion plus 16 other natural plants.

Get this most essential supplement to begin your journey toward optimal health! 


Take 2-3 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach and 2-3 tablets in the afternoon to early evening. Formula 1 can be taken with or without food.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 4.25 in

16 reviews for New Life Formula 1

  1. Jose Cucufate

    Woow Thank You very much for creating this product,it has changed my life 😉

  2. Guadalupe Lozoya

    thank you for this wonderful product I change my life thank you

  3. Walter bonilla

    I love this product and thanks mirna bonilla for helping me. California in the house

  4. Maria Moreno De Barcelo

    I love every New Life USA Product….But, my favorite one is Formula 1….Beside it has 26 ingredients, this cleans, purify and detoxify our organism and for all its ingredients has a lot of nutrition!!!

  5. Maria Moreno De Barcelo

    – Por una complicación de Pie Diabético y mal cuidado de mi control de azúcar, en el mes de Agosto día 18, 2018, me hicieron una Cirugía de mi pie izquierdo, en el mes de Octubre/2018 empecé a tomar los productos New Life F1; Liquido Oxígeno, teniendo una gran recuperación. Y quiero agradecer a los Productos New Life por su asesoría y sea mi Testimonio para otras personas, lo excelente de este producto. Autorizo la difusión de mi Testimonio.
    —-Lic. Martín Benitez Urquidez

  6. Yolanda L. Muniz

    I love this all the New Life products and Formula 1 is one of my favorites, it has given me an overall healthy feeling.

  7. Jhon Ramey

    Works great in highly recommended by my natural path doctor.

  8. Robert A. Johnson

    Can’t live without this stuff! Been using it for a while and when I run out I really notice it in my stomach.

  9. Sandie

    I was so happy to find a liver cleansing product from Newlifeusa! I am in love with all of their supplements and will continue to use them religiously. Thanks for the great customer service!

  10. Jenife

    I was skeptical first buying these, but I am so glad I bought them. I’m a college student and all I ever do is write papers and I have a hard time focusing on them most of the time, but with these, I definitely concentrate more and get my papers done in a timely matter.

  11. Samantha Reilly

    I have depression and severe ADHD, these have been a life saver.
    My energy levels are up, and I can actually focus on something for more than 3 seconds

  12. Grammie12

    I have chronic fatigue as a condition of fibromyalgia. Taking this has helped to boost my energy levels so that I can get things done, without making me feel overly energetic. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  13. Michael R.

    Amazing energy boosting product. No crash no jitters. Good quality energy that lasts throughout the day. Would definitely recommend this product.

  14. Chad

    Seems like it is working and for sure noticed a CHANGE for the good in Metabolism& energy. Need to experiment more with it though.

  15. claire.gregorio

    Thank you. It works great for me.

  16. claire.gregorio

    It is genuine

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New Life Formula 1
New Life Formula 1
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