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Immune Virus Defense



Now more than ever, our bodies are subjected to virus, bacteria and even toxins. A strong immune system is critical to remain strong and healthy and fight free radicals – a leading contributor to degenerative disease, according to some scientists.

New Life USA cares about providing the highest quality products to boost overall health and well-being. The NEW Immune Virus Defense is their most potent product on the market. A powerful formula with five weapons of defense against illness, flu, common cold and other ailments.

The foundation for this innovative new formula is New Life’s Liquid Oxygen. More oxygen in the blood boosts circulation, aids digestion and increases alertness. Immune Virus Defense also contains a hefty dose of Lyposomol Vitamin C – the most absorbent form of Vitamin C; Curcumin – an impressive anti-inflammatory agent in the fight against tumors; Zinc to reduce the severity of symptoms; and a proprietary iodine solution – a proven virus fighter in small doses.

That’s not all! Immune Virus Defense raises the bodies PH levels. The more alkaline PH, the better prepared to fight off free radicals.

This incredible formula will arm your body with the immune boosting and free radical fighting defense you need. It will provide mental clarity, alertness and lessen the symptoms of any virus or common cold while dramatically cutting down on recovery time.

How to use Immune Virus Defense

Immune Virus Defense is easily taken orally by mixing with your favorite fruit juice or by simply placing the recommended dose under your tongue, where it will be absorbed quickly.

Stay Prepared. Stay Healthy. Order New Life’s Immune Virus Defense Today.

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6 reviews for Immune Virus Defense

  1. Jason Spencer

    This is New Life’s newest product and it is amazing! It will cut a cold in a matter of hours and even gets rid of my allergies. This is the most effective product for your immune system that I’ve ever taken. Amazing!

  2. Brandon Guthrie

    My fiance started getting sick and I gave her some Immune Virus Defense, and she was almost instantly better and the sickness went away! I take this every day now and feel confident I am protected from sickness. Highly recommended. The real deal!

  3. Maria A. Moreno De Barcelo

    This product is absolutely AMAZING! Has been helping hundreds of people….Including me and my pet…
    I called this “Miracle Drops” this is good literally for everything….I absolutely recommend it!!!
    – Este producto es absolutamente asombroso! Ha estado ayudando cientos de gente….Incluyéndome a mi y a mi mascota…Le llamo a este “Gotitas milagrosas” Este es bueno literalmente para todo…Lo recomiendo absolutamente!!!

  4. Steve Ezaki

    When your life has been turned upside down from dealing with an autoimmune condition, you really learn what to put nto your body and what not to… it’s the difference of having a GREAT day or a TERRIBLE day! Immune Virus Defence is an ablolute nessecity. Top of the list! Don’t take feeling great for granted, take care of your body!

  5. Yolanda Muniz

    This NewLife Immune Virus Defense is a fantastic product that is easy to take, no bad after taste and provides the necessary defenses to fight illnesses. It’s an amazing product that has helped me, along with the rest of New Life products I have been taking for about 15 years to have an overall healthy feeling.

  6. Emma Guzman

    This really favors the immune system. Personally it maintains balance and helps as a preventative to future diseases . In my home it is used and it’s a Gift of God. Beyond great quality.

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