New Life was founded on the belief that the body can be healed and transformed using natural methods.
Our mission to “Create Powerful Health” is all about YOU.
We want to spark a revolution in health products – transforming the industry by providing powerful natural products that heal your body from the inside out.

Dr. Richard A. Harrison



Dr. Richard A. Harrison
President / CEO


Dr. Arnold Nerenberg, Ph.D.
Research and Development


What people are saying about us

“I was disappointed with not getting good results with the products I used Ito supplement my hours in the gym. My mom recommended I try New Life products and although a little skeptical I decided to take them. In a short time I achieved very good results, so I fully recommend them.”

Joseph Elan Youssef

“The weight management program is sensational! In three months I lost 45 pounds and I feel very energetic, I do not eat as much as I used to, and I go to the bathroom more often. In addition I do not have high cholesterol or high blood pressure anymore.”

Miguel Barocio

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